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New to Golf? Start here!

We're so glad you're here. 

Golf can be intimidating. We'll do our best to clarify the rules - written and unwritten. Let's start with the basics to get you from where you're sitting now, to teeing off on the first teebox.


A round can be 9 holes or 18 holes

One of golf's biggest hurdles is the time it takes to play 18 holes. But you don't have to play 18: A round of 9 holes is a common leisurely approach to golf. Most golf courses will offer a ladies 9-hole league, often referred to as "nine-and-dine" (or if you're like us, nine-and-dine-and-wine). 

Up to 4 people can play together

You can play a round of golf in groups of 1, 2, 3 or 4. While you can't beat the fun of a happy hour round with friends, there's something magical about a solo round (aka 2 hours of peace and quiet).

Your start time is called a Tee Time

If you're told you have a "tee time" that means it's the time you are 'teeing off' (aka, that time your round starts!). Make sure to arrive at the club approximately 30 minutes before your Tee Time so you have time to check in with the pro shop and warm up. 

The Pro Shop 

Every golf course has a pro shop: the small building or room where clothing is sold and golf course attendants are working behind the desk. These attendants will check you in when you arrive and answer any questions you might have. 

Do I really need to warm up?

If you ask us... no! Driving ranges can be intimidating - but that's a whole different story. Warming up WILL set you up for an easier first hole, but it's not essential. If you choose to skip it, we recommend planning for a breakfast ball on hole #1.

Ahem.. what's a breakfast ball?

Click here to find out!


If you have other questions please drop them below! How can we help you embrace the game of golf?

We're working to become the leading authority in women's golf, and we're building a safe and inclusive space for women golfers at Harlow. Please share this article with your friends and let's get more women on the tee!

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